Mens Bracelets Beads

DIY Mens Wooden Bracelets With Black Beads Gold.

Celebrities are wearing mens bracelets beaded. So what? Celebrities can get away with anything they wear. How are average folk like you and me supposed to wear and style beaded bracelets? Today, we will highlight several male bloggers who are at the forefront of fashion and are wearing men’s beaded bracelets.These fashion bloggers are normal folk just like us but they are at the top of their fashion game and know what’s in and what’s out. They spend most of their time analysing fashion trends and choosing the best to style so you can trust them.

This is going to sound funny coming from a guy who owns a mens bracelets beads company. I don’t like a lot of beads in my jewelry. A few is ok, a LOT is not. I would not want to wear a delicate strip of peyote with tiny little beads and/or crystals. But, a simple strip of leather, or multiple strips of cotton, cork, or other fibers sounds great. Often the more simple, the better. Unless there is a very strong emotional connection with specific beads, I would avoid using too many beads in your pieces. Try instead to place what beads you do use between layers of fibers, or spaced between fibers and metal. Knots are another way to create spacing, without actually using a bead. If you still want to be fancy, try to braid, macrame, or micro-macrame thinner fibers. This can still work as long as it is balanced well with the other elements of the design.

Most women love glitter and sparkle. Most men don’t. Women’s jewelry should often be eye catching… men’s jewelry should often fade into the background. Matte mens bracelets beads tend to draw less attention, and serve as an accent to a wrist, neck, hand, ankle, etc., rather than the focus of it.Men love metal. HERE is your opportunity to use beads, as there are LOTS of different metal beads. Silver, copper, brass are all great choices. Gunmetal can also work, though be careful not to overdo “black” colors in any design or it can feel forced.