Mens Bracelet Leather

Custom Mens Rope Bracelets UK Leather and Stainless Steel.

Great for casual days,mens bracelets leather read cool and stylish when done right. With leather, stick to darker, richer tones. Black, darker brown, deep burgundies and dim emeralds work the best. Thinner leather bracelets are the easiest most versatile pieces to work with and look great when teamed with watches. While leather bracelets work well by themselves, try mixing with other bracelets like beaded ones for a textured approach to your wrist wear. A great pair of jeans teamed with a t-shirt is the classic casual go-to, and leather bracelets are a great accompaniment.

Much like mens bracelets leather, beaded bracelets are a great option for a fresh addition to casual wear. Go for rich browns and other natural colours for bracelets that will be worn with a wide variety of different clothing pieces. Denim works wonderfully with these tones, and they also complement navy, burgundy, emerald green and the like. Wooden beads can be great, but style them with caution. If the wooden beads are too big or misshaped, it can look messy. Opt for smaller rounder beads that will mix well with a wide variety of clothing choices and watches.

With marine influence, men’s bracelets leather are a playful nod to elements of sailing. Ensure that your anchor is not overly big or gaudy, and remember that it is all in the subtly of this accessory. Anchor bracelets also come in a vast range of different colours so keep your eyes open for brighter, more vivid versions. This will brighten up your casual outfits and lend a bit of distinction to your aesthetic. Go for vermillion reds, cobalt blues, grass greens and copper browns and ensure that your anchor is in a steel that will suit your colourings. Gold anchors tend to complement tanned skin best. Patterned ropes are also a great idea and nautical patterns that they come in tie in nicely with the sailing influence that anchor bracelets bring. For weekend wear, team your anchor bracelets with a chambray shirt and slim fit white chinos for a laid-back take on this wrist wear.